Yuri Pirola – Education


My PhD thesis in Computer Science was titled “Combinatorial Problems in Studies of Genetic Variations: Haplotyping and Transcript Analysis”, and is freely available for download from the institutional repository. Notice that the content has been submitted to international conferences and accepted for publication. Please refer to the list of my publications.

The presentation I held for the admission to the final exam is available here (English) and the one for the final PhD thesis defense is available here (English). The progress of my research at the end of the 2nd year is described here (Italian) and the slides that I used to present it at the “Collegio Docenti” are here (English). A draft of my PhD thesis proposal can be found here (Italian). The presentation of the proposal at the “Collegio Docenti” is here (Italian).

A summary of my activities during my first year as a PhD student can be found here (Italian) while the activities of my second year are summarized here (Italian).

The presentations that I held at the end of a few PhD courses are (in reverse chronological order):

  • course: “Biomolecular Computing: Theory and Experiments”, teacher: Natasha Jonoska (visiting researcher). The final assignment was the analysis of an article: I prepared a written report and an oral presentation;
  • course: “Teoria e Applicazioni del Calcolo Evoluzionistico”, teacher: Leonardo Vanneschi, presentation here (Italian). See the software section for the source code of the program used for the experimentation;
  • course: “Web Services: concetti, applicazioni e problemi aperti”, teacher: Flavio De Paoli, presentation here (Italian).


The title of my master thesis was “Analisi della neutralitĂ  degli spazi di ricerca booleani in Programmazione Genetica” (English: “Analysis of Neutrality in GP Boolean Fitness Landscapes”). A copy of the abstract in English and in Italian is available. The presentation that I used to “defend” my thesis can be found here (Italian).