Yuri Pirola – Software

The development of most of the software projects is based on GitHub. Please refer to my GitHub profile or to the AlgoLab GitHub profile for a more complete description of the projects, along with their documentation.

Recently, I contributed to the following projects:

  • PIntron, a computational gene-structure prediction pipeline.
  • AP, a software for the computational prediction of gene alleles from SNP genotypes.
  • reHCstar, an exact algorithm for genotype phasing and imputation on a pedigree with erroneous and incomplete information.
  • Heu-MCHC, a fast and accurate heuristic algorithm for the haplotype inference problem on pedigree data with recombinations and mutations.
  • PPXH-GR, a fast heuristic for the Pure-Parsimony Xor-Haplotyping problem.


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