Monthly Archives: Settembre 2009

Colloquium on Unconventional models of Computation

On September 28, 2009 we have organized a 1-day workshop within the Italian Conference on Theoretical Computer Science. The colloquium is devoted to various aspects of unconventional computation, with contributions ranging from theory to experiments and applications. Some of the topics that will be covered include molecular and membrane computing, nature-inspired computational paradigms, algorithmic bioprocesses.

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Pure Parsimony Xor Haplotyping

Pure Parsimony Xor Haplotyping, Yuri Pirola, ISBRA 2009 (slides). In this work we addressed the problem of haplotype inference from xor genotypes under the pure parsimony assumption. Exact algorithms for restricted instances, a fixed parameter algorithm, an approximation algorithm, and an effective heuristic have been proposed. A prototypical implementation of the heuristic is freely available […]

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Minimum Factorization Agreement of Spliced ESTs

Minimum Factorization Agreement of Spliced ESTs, Yuri Pirola, WABI 2009 (slides). The work presents a new parsimony-based formulation for the problem of choosing the best alignment of an expressed sequence against a genomic sequence exploiting the redundancy of current expressed sequence databases. A preliminary experimental evaluation of the formulation and the related algorithm shows their […]

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