We are partecipating to the Alpaca project (ALgorithms for PAngenome Computational Analysis); an EU funded Innovative Training Network for talented PhD Students. In view of ultra-large amounts of genome sequence data emerging from rapidly advancing genome sequencing devices the driving, urgent question is: How can we arrange and analyze these data masses in a formally […]

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PhD position available

The University of Milano-Bicocca ( is a young, multidisciplinary university active in various fields: economics and statistics, legal, scientific, medical, sociological, psychological, and pedagogical. It is an innovative university which has created an extensive network of collaborations that includes many world-famous universities, research centers and top corporations. In the Times Higher Education rankings 2015 dedicated […]

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We are leading the PANGAIA project (Pangenome Graph Algorithms and Data Integration); a EU funded project for filling the gap between the rapidly increasing power of DNA sequencing technologies and the current limitations in resolving the inherent complexity of the forthcoming volumes of data.The leitmotif is to train young researchers in the area of computational […]

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