AlgoDay 2017


26 July 2017


Sala Seminari, U14, DISCo, Univ. Milano-Bicocca


We are witnessing an explosion in the availability of data, ranging from social media interactions, to biological sequences, to sensor data, which share the huge availability and low cost. Since those data are, by far, impractical or impossible to keep in memory, we need a paradigm shift in algorithm design, towards succinct data structures and parallel and/or external memory algorithms.


We are organizing a 1-day brainstorming event devoted to Algorithms and Data Structures for Massive Data, focused on innovative algorithmic solutions and on discussing open problems. Graph-based formulations will be especially investigated. AlgoDay is open to graduate students and researchers that are interested in this topic and are willing to do research in this field.

The event is open to all researchers that are interested in algorithms for massive datasets and want to investigate research directions that can lead to collaboration.

Some topics of interest are:

  • indexing massive data
  •  representation and queries in massive graphs
Detailed program
  • h. 10.30. Marco Previtali (AlgoLab – DISCo). Bloom filter tree and succinct bidirectional de Brujin graphs: Two tools for indexing massive data and graphs
  • h. 11.00. Simone Ciccolella (AlgoLab – DISCo). Beyond Perfect Phylogeny: Multisample Phylogeny Reconstruction via ILP
  • h. 11.30. Paolo Boldi and Marco Genuzio (Univ. Milano). Graph compression and static functions representation
  • h. 12.30. Andrea Maurino (DISCo) TBA
  • h. 13.00. Mauricio Soto (DISCo) Embeddings of semantic graphs
  • h. 13.30. Lunch and discussion on open problems and research directions

Stefano Beretta – Gianluca Della Vedova – Raffaella Rizzi